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We are wolves, disguised as men.


Okita Souji
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Name: Okita Souji
Age: 23 (Aged two years while in Luceti)
Gender: Male
Series: Peacemaker Kurogane (anime)

Height: 5'5
Weight: Slim
Eye color: Purple
Hair color: Purple
Wing color: Sky blue fading to white at the tips

Status: Persistent mild to severe cough, otherwise in good health. Outwardly, no signs of the disease progression other than a slimming of the face.
Equipment: white kimono, blue obi, wooden geta
Housing: House #50
Roommate: Yamazaki Ayumu, Nagakura Shinpachi Harada Sanosuke
Abilities: Tennen Rishin Style swordsmanship, hand to hand combat, mumyo-ken (special move said to strike a person's head and shoulders simultaneously)
Application: [here]

Notes: Okita has mid-stage tuberculosis (progressed during his time in Luceti) and while he knows this, he will be keeping this information secret as much as possible.
This is a roleplay journal for luceti. I make no claim to the character.
Mun is found at murasaki_kaze.