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Appointments and messages post for Okita Souji.
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OOC: How's My Driving?


As the title says, this is my HMD for Okita Souji - please let me know if anything I'm doing seems OOC or off to you. Also, if you'd like to plot things, but don't know how to contact me otherwise, you can drop me a line here.

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049 [Voice | Action]

Okita Souji - Cancer
• You will be asked to dance by a stranger wearing a sandwich board.
• Adopt a chicken.
• Your next Career: Pet Therapist
• Run! For God's sake, RUN!

[Well, that's odd, but if the journal says this is his new career, then so be it. Still!TinySouji will be wandering around with a normal chicken on a child harness leash. Talking to it. Like it's normal. Listening to its chickeny problems. also:]

If anyone has a pet who needs advice, my name is Okita Soujirou. Bring them to me.

048 [Voice | Action]

...oh. They really did leave me in the woods.


I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

[Souji's back from his mallynap as a kid; a kid totally opposite of what he's usually like. He vaguely remembers Luceti and is wandering around in the woods on the edge of town, confused and dragging his journal around.]

047 [Action]

[From mid-morning to noon, Okita is at the fountain in town, watching all the crazy people wandering around and launching little sailboats across the water. Occasionally his pig will pop his head up, crush one of the boats, and drag it under the water again. Looks like someone is playing pretend at being a sea monster. Come say hello?]

Hahaha. I'm going to run out of boats at this rate, Saizou.

046 [Written]

[Filtered away from Sokka, Katara, Toph, and any PMK people: 100%]

[Time to try and be anon. He has the camera blocked completely and his handwriting is different from normal, much more scratchy, more akin to a child's writing.]

What doctors are here now?
I'd like to talk to one in private please.
You'd be helping my friend a lot.

Thank you.

045 [ Voice | Action ]

[Been awhile, hasn't it, Luceti? Okita ended up staying at the Battle Dome clinic a LOT longer than he meant to in order to wait out a fever and his coughing. He's finally well enough to go home and so he's on his way toward House 50.

If you can catch him before he hits the house, you might actually get a chance to see him for the first time in a long time.

After he gets to the house, he'll likely be sealing himself off again. Shinpachi is missing, Sanosuke is out looking for him, Ayumu is hovering, and he simply isn't in the mood to see an empty room next to his anymore.

Before he leaves, however, he'll post up a note on the network.

To the doctors at the battle dome clinic? Thank you for all your help. I appreciate you allowing me to stay so long.

I suppose it's almost time for the New Feathers to appear, hm? I should be able to resume my duties at the Center soon enough.

..... [He could say something else, but he'll end the message there.]

o44 [Action | Video]

[It's such a nice day out that Okita has decided to take the House 50 pets for a walk. Around mid-morning after he finishes his training, Okita can be found wandering around the village with the yellow chocobo Tammy in tow. And on her back? A disgruntled Saizou, wishing he could be down from the heathen bird. Tammy doesn't seem to care since Okita keeps plying her with treats to ensure she follows.

As he walks, he'll open the journal and turn on the video, showing him and the bird in the background.

It's such a nice day out~

I wonder if everyone's in school or if they're on break~?

Are all the New Feathers settled in? If anyone would like a tour around town today, I'll be out with Saizou and Tammy~ Dog, unfortunately, can't take walks. Poor thing. But! That's okay~ He's happy at home. Come say hello! I really want to meet all of you.

o43 [Voice / Action]

[Humming is heard over the journal system in the early morning of the 15th. It's a pleasant enough tune, even if it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

In the background, there is curious grunting from Saizou as he noses around at the book. Then the sound of water being poured onto dry earth can be heard as the humming stops so he can speak.

I think it's time to start a garden, don't you? A friend of mine had a garden a long time ago. Another friend made one on his rooftop. Everything was ruined in the earthquake, but now, I think, it's time to start again.

[Saizou stops sniffing the book and his footsteps can be heard trailing off.]

I've heard some of you are doing just the same thing. I'd like to speak with you, if you would allow me to.

Oh and welcome to all the New Feathers and the not-so-new-New Feathers, too. I hope you all enjoy Selphie-san's party. You really should go. It's a good way to meet people.

[For any action posts: Souji is behind his house using a ladle and bucket to water some random flowers that happened to start sprouting and flowering back there.]
[Filter to Sokka | 90% ]

Sokka-kun, I am afraid your training will be put on hold temporarily. I will contact you when I am able to resume. It should only be a few days.


My beloved snow
Is slowly melting away
To a spring garden


Ayumu-san. I do not wish to be disturbed.

[With that, Okita locks him in his room and barricades the door because he knows you, Ayumu. The morning after the event ended, he went into Hijikata's room to check if the man was home and found the place completely empty. Having two of his friends leave one after another does bad things to Okita's psyche.]

o41 [Voice --> Action]

Everyone seems so happy today~ Is this that Valentine's thing? How cute~

I hope you're all having fun today then!

[And with that, Okita heads out with Saizou because yeah. Things feel weird at home with Susumu gone and Hijikata missing and Ayumu and Shinpachi....well, yes. Heading out with the pig for a walk around town.

ooc; first threads go to Ramirez and Homura! POST AWAY, YOU CRAZY DIAMONDS.

o40 [Video]

[The journal just shows Saizou for a moment, snuffling at the page. He turns his head and then patters off. A few moments later, another pig shows up and noses the journal before following Saizou off-screen. Soon after, a familiar voice to some can be heard whining slightly.]

Saaaaizoooou! How are we supposed to get home now?

[The pig grunts.]


[Again, Saizou grunts.]

We're so lucky pig noses are so good at tracking things~

[Saizou returns a moment later and bites the journal, dragging it with him as the two head out of the forest and back home.

OOC: Souji's mallynapping curse has turned him into a pig temporarily. Anyone who runs into him for the next four days will find a talking pig with blue and white wings that looks like a cheerful version of Saizou.

o39 [Action]

[Finally feeling better and able to go out, Okita was having quite a good time seeing everyone else's changes. It wasn't until he woke up this morning and tried to roll out of bed that he noticed something was wrong.

Very wrong.

But, perhaps people wouldn't notice.

Thus, Okita goes about his normal routine. As a woman. He's busy trying to cover that up, however, with a little padding around the waist and by keeping to his usual attire. Particularly attentive people, however, might notice he has a slight bust now and his voice is just a little higher than usual.

People can find him anywhere, from House 50 to the town getting supplies to the Welcome Center or even out on patrols.

o38 [Written]

[Filtered to residents of House 50]

Yamazaki-san? If you or someone else could go to the clinic and possibly get me something to cut down a fever, I would be most obliged. But don't worry! It's nothing very bad. I think Saizou tracked something in with him the last time he was out. Silly pig. [There's a muddy hoof print on the journal where Saizou objects.]

[/End Filter]

Hm~ Welcome to all the new people! I hope you're doing well! I know it can be quite confusing when you first arrive in Luceti, but feel free to come by the Welcome Center.

[Drawn here is a map pointing to the building.]

We have beds and meals and access to the Guide as well as people willing to explain this place to you. Do take care, especially since it's getting chilly out♥

o37 [Voice | Action]

Well...at least I can move the mask to the side. How is everyone else doing with their costumes? Isn't the town interesting? I've never seen anything like it! It's so strange~

[Souji is dressed like this with a mask like the ones to the right, but moved to the side so it doesn't cover his face. He doesn't like his costume at all. It brings back bad memories. But taking it off did nothing and he hates just sitting in his room all day.

If people are out and about, he can be found just about anywhere in town looking at the decorations, poking at the buildings, or taking Saizou for a walk. Eventually, he'll end up back at House 50 with Saizou in tow so he can feed the little piglet before the pig decides to eat someone.

o36 [Action]

[As promised, Catherine has been bringing in pets. Although this one in particular, a grumpy looking piglet, is less than pleased to be here with no sign of his master in sight. To make up for that, he's going to be running around the town, headbutting people in the legs, slamming into things that shouldn't be slammed into, and biting people who get too close without calming him down first.

Someone want to find the pig and bring him back to his owner? Hopefully this post is okay - if it needs to be taken down, let me know. orz]

o35 [Voice | Action]

Cakes and pies.

Are amazing.

[After his discussion with Jade about cakes and pies, Okita decided to try some. Like two of each. He's on a pretty intense sugar-rush and will be bouncing around House 50 and all over the village to try and work out the extra energy.

Feel free to run into him and wonder why this grown adult is giggling at nothing or playing with just about anything he finds.

o34 [Voice]

Is everyone getting settled in?

That was certainly a strange time for a New Feather wave! I hope you're all doing well, and that you know the Welcome Center is here to help you. Several people have mentioned it already, but if residents would keep an eye open for the stragglers? There are probably going to be a few of those...

[He pauses and then switches subjects]

Hijikata-san~ I have something I need to tell you.

And for the rest of my new roommates~ Perhaps we should move? We are getting a little cramped, after all. I've located a suitable house that has enough rooms for everyone. What do you think?

o33 [voice]

[After digging himself out of the rubble, Okita had to search around for awhile before he located his journal again. Once he has found it, he'll open the book and start checking on people.]

Yamazaki-san: Report. Immediately.

Everyone else: Where do you need the most help? Who's gone to the children's home? Community Housing #7?

[He coughs a few times.]

Let me know immediately where you need assistance.
[Okita arrived back in the village a bit later than most since he was resting after his little...accident on the field, but now that he's mostly better, he'll start his way home from where he'd been dumped. On the roof of the grocery store.

After climbing down, he decides to grab a few sweet snacks and then heads off for Community Housing 4. Feel free to run into him on the way - or see him as he arrives home.

Once he gets upstairs, he'll knock on Yamazaki Susumu's door, wondering if his friend is in.

o31 [Voice]

Well... that'll teach me to lose my journal. You would think I'd have kept better track of it, but it looks so much like all the other books I had lying about. I really should return some of those. [He pauses for a bit as if looking around the room.] Oh well.

Looking back on what you've all done, you've certainly been busy! And now, at least, I know where the music has been coming from. More of you need to dance. It's so cute.

o30 [Voice]

The stars are so bright out tonight. If...a bit odd in their patterns. I wonder who the "Great One" is? Whoever he or she is, they certainly made an impression on the stars.

It's almost... [He trails off and just before he switches to a filter, there's a slight grunt of pain.]

[Filtered to Yamazaki Susumu: 80%]
Yamazaki-san? If you could...come in here for a moment? I believe I require your assistance. I'm in my room.

o29 [Voice]

[He opens his journal and lets out a biiiiig relieved sigh as he stretches his arms over his head. He's outside at the fountain, for those who want some context.]

It's so nice out today! It feels like summer is coming! I do hope there's no rainy season here like there is at home, though. I hate the rainy season - so muggy and gross! Do you have such a season in your homes?

Usually there's so much mold that starts to grow. No matter how much I clean, there's always--

[He suddenly stops talking, as if something distracted him, but the silence is heavy.]


It can't be...

[He picks up the journal and wanders off to follow traces of an undeniably familiar scent of tobacco.]


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